Start writing better lyrics...

If you are wanting to elevate your music, writing better lyrics is a great place to start.

Captivating lyrics, in our opinion, can make or break a track. When it feels like the songwriter has something to say, that’s when the real beauty shines through.

We know the path to writing better lyrics might seem a little foggy. If you want to get better at lyric writing you will have to put time and practice in. It’s not a piece of music theory that you can learn within an hour. It’s more abstract than that.

There are, however, ways to go about improving your skills...

Writing better lyrics
Read Read Read

You don’t have to be an avid reader that ploughs through 3 books a week. But it undoubtedly will improve your writing if you are reading something that inspires you.

Get your hands on philosophical, poetic and inspiring books. Take note of how the author has structured sentences and used imagery. You will learn a lot by reading other peoples work.

This is something that is often overlooked as reading and music don’t necessarily sound like they fit into the same category. But they actually go hand in hand.

Reading work that stirs you can do wonders for your inspiration.

Writing better lyrics
Honesty is key

It’s extremely important to be honest in your lyrics.

An audience respects an artist that is laying it all out on the table and being open.

If you are writing lyrics that don’t come across genuine, the listener can potentially be put off by the dishonestly. No one enjoys being lied to so don’t lie to your audience. It’s a big no-no!

Being honest about how you feel in your work is a sure-fire way to instantly begin writing better lyrics.

Writing better lyrics
Bust a rhyme

Honestly, it can be difficult to rhyme and get across a killer message at the same time.

If you struggle with this then invest more time into learning rhyme schemes and how to rhyme.

The way in which you say, what you say, is an important part of writing.

Being deliberate and subtle with your rhymes will improve your lyric writing without a doubt. Read up on rhyme schemes and take note of the ways your favourite musicians go about it.

Writing better lyrics
Listen to lyrics you love

Writing better lyrics means studying better lyrics. When you listen to your favourite artists, it can be helpful to pull up the lyrics and read them as you listen.

Take time to study the lines that appeal to you and have an impact.

When you concentrate on how different artists approach topics, it can help shape your lyrical journey and inspire ideas within you.

Understand the techniques that they use, look out for metaphors, imagery, wordplay, themes etc.

What better way to begin writing better lyrics than studying those of the best musicians out there.

Writing better lyrics
Take advice

This can be a tricky one. It's not always advisable to take to heart peoples criticisms of your songs, but If someone is offering constructive advice, then listen to it.

Sometimes it can be hard to accept that a specific idea or lyric just isn’t working.

But you have to be able to let it go if the general consensus is that it's a weak line or a nonsensical one. Try tweak it before you ditch it completely.

If the general feedback of a lyric is negative, then consider swallowing your pride and changing it.

Over time you will learn when to take on board the feedback people give you and when not too. A general rule of thumb is, if it's coming from someone you trust then listen carefully to what they are saying.

Having an open mind to peoples opinions is a good step towards your goal of writing better lyrics.

Writing better lyrics
Tinker with your lines

It's important to tinker around with your words. Once your song is recorded you should stick with them. But unless you are completely satisfied with your track, its always okay to rework lines as time goes on.

It's almost like a wood carving that you are constantly whittling away at until a perfect image appears. The good thing with lyrics is that you can always put it back.

So why not try different lines in the place of weaker ones.

Writing better lyrics
Write lots and lots

We have spoken about the importance of reading lots but what about writing lots? This is probably the most important point here. Just write.

Have a pen and paper with you at all times. Get into the habit of writing down your thoughts and feelings throughout the day.

Write as much as you can and you will begin to notice your mind working in a lyrical way. You will write a lot of rubbish, but that’s okay because there will be lyrical gemstones that appear every now and then. This is an important habit to attain.

We guarantee you will be writing better lyrics in no time if you take note of this important tip.

Lastly, just have fun with writing lyrics and take your time. These things take practice, so don’t put to much pressure on yourself to be writing a hit song every time you pick up a pen.

Songwriting is first and foremost supposed to be an enjoyable experience. So relax and get stuck in!

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