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Here at The Songwriting Desk, we cover a wide range of topics manoeuvring through all things songwriting. We aim to share our knowledge as-well-as straight forward musical theory with anyone that is looking to become a better songwriter (even if you are just starting out).

Writing your own music can be one of the most rewarding forms of self-expression. Like that big moustached German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche once said - “Without music, life would be a mistake”.

We couldn’t agree more. It undeniably makes the world a better place to be in. It's something that is born within us, waiting to bloom and show itself off to the rest of the world.

So wouldn’t YOU like to be a part of that by writing great songs that contribute to the world of music?

Creating music first and foremost should be an enjoyable experience. Yes, there are times when you feel like smashing the guitar against the wall. But here at The Songwriting Desk, you will be handed the tools that help you deal with the struggles that come with songwriting. Those tools will allow you to immerse yourself in the awesomeness of it all.

Whats Here?

So what musical goodies will you find here throughout the site? Well, we have subdivided the topic of songwriting into 3 main categories, supplying easy to follow, easy to apply information that will help you improve on what you want most. To be writing great songs. Sounds good right? They are:


These are the three main areas that every good songwriter needs to begin to have a firm grip on in order to write one hell of a song.

Now In our experience writing a song doesn’t necessarily come to you in that order but, piecing together techniques from each major category means you are well on your way to becoming a better songwriter.

With the tips we provide you here, you will become fluent in songwriting in no time and will be producing art in the form of well-rounded songs.

No matter where you are in your musical journey we have your back. So sit back relax, and surf through the site.

Whether you are simply looking for advice on how to write lyrics or chord theory or straight down the line tips on song structure there is something for everyone here at The Songwriting Desk. So let's get into it.